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Get a Free Bouquet Every Month For a Year!

Every Card You Buy Helps a Local Group Raise Money For Their Cause

Here at Winning Through Flowers we pair up great local groups with our fantastic network of florists to create unique fundraising opportunities.  Every card you buy entitles you to one FREE bouquet, every month, from a local florist and helps their group raise money.  Every card puts its group closer to their goal!

How You Can Win Through Flowers?

How we can help our community through flowers.


Winning Through Flowers is committed to providing small groups and organizations an easy and effective way to raise money while bringing our  florists the best advertising around. 

Raising money for a small group or organization is not always easy, and often takes time away from what the group was intended to do.  That is where Winning Through Flowers comes in.  We provide awesome local groups the partnerships they need in order to raise enough money to achieve their goals without having to sacrifice time they should be putting towards their activities.  If you are a parent, coach, or member of a small group you know how daunting it can be to try and raise the money your group needs.  Winning Through Flowers makes it easy for you.  We organize and setup a risk free fundraiser for you to make the most money with the least effort.  Please reach out to us today to see about a partnership.

Order Your Card Today

Every Card You Purchase Helps The Group of Your Choice

Please take a moment to browse for a floral card that best suites you. 

Do you see a card for a florist you prefer but is being sold by another group, no problem!  At checkout you will have the option of choosing what group you want your purchase to help raise money for, it's just that simple.  


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